2022 U.S. Election Tracker

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, the ultimate test of Joe Biden's Presidency is on the horizon. With inflation on the rise, Republicans seem poised to make gains. Democrats hope to expand their slim majorities running on abortion.

Biden Approval Tracker

43% -RealClearPolitics

Compared to other midterm approvals

Trump (R)

2018: 41%

U.S. House: D+41

Obama (D)

2014: 44%

U.S. House: R+13

Obama (D)

2010: 47%

U.S. House: R+63

Bush (R)

2006: 38%

U.S. House: D+31

Bush (R)

2002: 67%

U.S. House: R+8

Clinton (D)

2010: 69%

U.S. House: D+5

Clinton (D)

2010: 37%

U.S. House: R+54

Generic Congressional Ballot

R+2 -RCP